FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 3/10 – 7/10/2022

FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 3/10 – 7/10/2022

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Economy- Society

PMI Vietnam in Sep 2022

  • PMI Vietnam – registered 52.5 in September, a fraction lower than the reading of 52.7 in August but still pointing to a solid improvement in business conditions across the sector. Operating conditions have now strengthened in each of the past 12 months

Company- Sector

Banking sector: SBV gives additional credit quota to 4 banks that help distressed banks as follow:

  • VPB: +$1.8bn, additional 11.5% to full year quota of 27.2%
  • MBB: +$825.9mn, additional 5% to full year quota of 23.2%
  • HDB: +$459.8mn, additional 5.1% to full year quota of 24%
  • VCB: + VND9 trillion, additional ~1% to full year quota of 18.7%


  • HOSE released brokerage market share for Q3/2022 with top 5 are: VPS (18.71%), SSI (9.6%), VND (7.72%), MAS (5.85%), and HCM (5.58%). (Source: HSX)

HPG (Hoa Phat Group JSC)

  • In Sep 2022, construction steel sales volume reached 318,000 tons (-3% yoy) and HRC volume reached 228,000 tons (+29% yoy). Steel pipe volume were good at 76,000 tonnes (+94% yoy). The output of galvanized steel sheets in the domestic market also doubled compared to the same period in 2021.
  • 9M2022: construction steel sales volume reached 3.4 million tons (+24% yoy), of which: the export of construction steel reached 1 million tons, which is equivalent to 2021 as a whole, accounting for 30% total construction steel volume. HRC reached 2 million tons (+5% yoy). In addition, HPG sold 577,000 tons of steel pipes (+16% yoy) and 249,000 tons of galvanized steel (decreasing slightly). (Source: HPG)

MBB (Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank)

  • Q3/2022 PBT of $287.13 mn (+69% yoy) and 9M2022 PBT of $804.35 mn (+56% yoy). Credit growth of 17.2% ytd and deposit growth by 4.5% ytd.

HDG (Ha Do Group JSC)

  • Q3/2022: revenue of $33.35 mn (+21% yoy) and PAT of $12.09 mn (+12.3% yoy)
  • 9M2022: revenue of $105.3 mn (-2% yoy, completed 65% target year) and PAT of $43.83 mn (+33.5% yoy, completed 75% target year)

DPM (Petrovietnam Fertilizer & Chemicals Corp.)

  • 9M2022 preliminary: revenue of $652.17 mn (+94.8% yoy) and PBT of $230.43 mn (+194.4% yoy) driven by high global urea price.
  • Total sales volume of fertilizer and chemicals reached 940,000 tonnes including 680,000 tonnes of urea (+26% yoy); 140,000 tonnes of NPK and 50,000 tonnes of NH3. In addition, the export volume reached 155,000 tonnes.

ACG (An Cuong Wood – Working JSC)

  • Q3/2022 estimated results: revenue of $52.2 mn (+141% yoy) and PAT of $6.74 mn (+167% yoy).
  • 9M2022: revenue of $133.7 mn (+39% yoy) and PAT of $18.87 mn (+47% yoy).
  • ACG will trade on HOSE from 10 Oct 2022.

VIC (Vingroup JSC)

  • Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong (Chairman of VIC) established VMI Real Estate Investment Management JSC. Charter capital of $752.4mn, of which Mr. Vuong contributed 90% (by VIC shares).
  • VMI will buy Vinhomes products and then offer investors in the market opportunity to invest partially in those assets via BCC contract for a certain time period and with minimum return guaranteed. This aims to improve the liquidity of Vinhomes products amid difficult time of property market.

VSC (Vietnam Container Shipping JSC)

  • VSC announced the plan to buy 49% stake of Vinaship (VNA – UPCoM) in 2023-2024. VNA’s current market cap is $36.52 mn, then its 49% stake values $17.87 mn at the current price.
  • VNA was established in 2006, with a charter capital of $8.4mn. Currently, Vietnam National Shipping Lines Corporation (UPCoM: MVN) is the parent company of Vinaship when holding 10.2 million VNA shares, equivalent to 51% of capital. This unit operates in the field of logistics and shipping. (Source: VSC)

PVP (Pacific Petroleum Transportation JSC – Upcom)

  • The Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) has announced that it has received PVP’s application for listing. The number of registered shares is 94.3 million shares. Crude oil transportation business is the main and most important business of PVP (PVT’s subsidiary: 64.92%). (Source: HSX)  

EIB (Vietnam Commercial Joint Stock Export Import Bank)

  • Companies related to board member (Ms. Le Hong Anh) registers to sell nearly 128.6 million shares (9.5% OS) via put through from 7 Oct to 31 Oct 2022:
    • Thanh Cong Group registered to sell all 60.5 million shares (4.9% OS).
    • Thanh Cong Cooperative JSC registered to sell 44.7 million shares (3.6% OS).
    • Phuc Thinh JSC registered to sell all 12.4 million shares (1% OS).
    • Ms Nguyen Thi Hong Ngoc (Ms Le Hong Anh’s daughter) registered to sell all 11 million shares (0.9% OS). (Source: HSX)

HDB (Ho Chi Minh City Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank)

  • Pham Quoc Thanh (CEO) registered to buy 1 million HDB shares from 7 Oct to 4 Nov 2022, increasing his ownership from 0.04% to 0.08% (2 million shares). (Source: HSX).

DIG (Development Investment Construction JSC)

  • Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen (Vice Chairman) registered to buy 20 million DIG shares via order matching/put through from 7 Oct to 4 Nov 2022, increasing her ownership from 3.61% to 6.89% (42,020,249 shares). (Source: HSX).

KBC (Kinh Bac City Development Holding Corp.)

  • Vinatex – Tan Tao Investment (relating to KBC’s Chairman) registered to buy 5 million KBC shares on 10 Oct 2022 via matching or put-through, increasing its ownership from 4.46% to 5.11% (39,249,852 shares). (Source: HSX).

TPB (Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank)

  • FPT Capital (related to Vice chairman) bought 1million TPB shares, via matching and/or put through from 29 Sep to 6 Oct 2022. After the transaction, FPT Capital holds 1 million TPB shares (0.063% OS). (Source: HSX)