FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 21/03 – 25/03/2022

FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statisticsg 21/3 – 25/3/2022

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  • Ministry of Finance estimated Mar CPI will be in a high range due to impact of rising petrol price However, estimated average CPI for 1Q22 fall between 2% – 2.1%, still within the inflation scenario.
  • The MoF forecasts average CPI for FY22 will be between 3.42% – 4.3%

Import – Export:

  • In the first half of March, exports reached USD 15.32 bn (+14.6% yoy), imports reached USD 15.23 bn (+15.6% yoy), resulting in a trade surplus of USD 93 mn.
  • Accumulated from the beginning of the year, exports of USD 69.78 bn (+12.2% yoy) and imports of USD 70.3 bn (+16.4% yoy) result in a trade deficit of USD 492 mn. (Source: Custom)

Gasoline: Environmental protection tax of gasoline and oil is reduced by up to 50%

  • National Assembly on March 23rd approved a government proposal to cut environmental tax on gasoline by half. From April 1st to December 31st, 2022, the environmental tax on the popular gasoline RON95 will be reduced from VND4,000 to VND2,000 per liter.

Steel sector:

  • Steel production in the first 2 months of 2022 reached 5,117 million tons (+1.6% yoy). Sales of steel reached 5,014 million tons (+18.5% yoy). Of which, exports reached 1,126,017 tons (+11.6%). (Source: VSA)

Industrial Park:

  • On March 19th, the Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park III project (VSIP 3), including a USD 1 bn 44-hectare factory project of LEGO Group.
  • This is the 6th LEGO factory in the world and LEGO’s second factory in Asia. Construction is expected to start this year and put into operation in 2024.


  • In the first two months of 2022, the textile and garment industry exported nearly $8.2 bn (+59% yoy). Some businesses even have orders fulfilled through September 2022. (Source: Vitas, AGTEK)

MIG (Military Insurance Company)

  • MB Capital and Japan Asia MB Capital registered to sell 8.7 million shares via order matching and put through from 25 Mar to 22 Apr. After the transactions, both funds will have 0 share of MIG.
  • 1Q22, MIG recorded a total insurance revenue of more than $52.2mn (+35% yoy). PBT is estimated at $4mn (+93% yoy) due to revenue growth and effective cost management.

CTG (Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade)

  • CTG may record about USD 5 million in bancas upfront fees in the first quarter of 2022 for a 16-year exclusive agreement between VietinBank and Manulife.

VIB (Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank)

  • VIB successfully raised $260mn in international syndicated loans.
  • The 3-year unsecured loan agreement includes a direct ADB loan of $100mn and a syndicated loan of $160mn co-arranged by ADB and UOB from nine financial institutions.

VNM (Viet Nam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company)

  • Guidance 2022: revenue of VND 64,070 billion (+5% yoy), PBT of VND 12,000 billion (-7% yoy), increasing market share by 0.5% to 56%.
  • By 2026, VNM expects revenue to reach VND86,000 billion (+7.2% of FY21) and PBT VND16,000 bn (+4.4% of FY21). (Source:VNM)

PDR (Phat Dat Real Estate Development JSC)

  • PDR approved the plan to issue 3,000 bonds at par value VND 100 million. Tenor: 2 years. Interest rate: 11.2%/year. Expected completion time is in March 2022.
  • Guidance 2022: revenue of $465.2mn (+128%), PBT of exceeding $152.2mn (+50% yoy).

KDC (KIDO Group) AGM 2021:

  • Guidance 2022: Revenue of $608.7mn (+33% yoy), PBT $39.1mn (+38% yoy). Dividend: 6% cash.
  • FY21 dividend: 6% cash dividend and 10% stock dividend. ESOP: VND 15,000/ share (ratio 100:4). (Source: KDC)

DXG (Dat Xanh Group JSC)

  • DXG approves Dat Xanh Capital to invest a 200-hectare project in Binh Phuoc with expected total investment of $297.4mn. Dat Xanh Capital was formerly Gia Long Real Estate Investment JSC, an associate company of Ha An Real Estate Business Investment Company (48.99% OS). (Source: DXG)

Ton Dong A Corporation

  • Ton Dong A Corporation completed issuance of 15.35 million shares, collecting $26.7mn through IPO at reference price of VND 40,000/share, expected share transfer at 25 Mar. In which, 77.2% of domestic investors (11.85mn shares) and 22.8% of foreign investors (3.5mn shares). Major buyers are chairman and Japanese vendors. Implied valuation of $199.4mn.
  • Plans to invest in a third factory producing galvanized steel products in 1Q22. Estimated Phase 1 capacity of 350,000 tonnes, reaching 1.2 million tonnes/year after phase 3 completes.

PTB (Phu Tai Joint Stock Company)

  • Guidance 2022: revenue $315.2mn (+11% yoy) and PBT $34.3mn (+21% yoy). PTB growth potential thanks to: (1) Benefiting from US-China trade war, VN wood manufacturers benefited from the shift of orders from US customers out of China. (2) Consumption demand in US continued to grow positively after the anti-dumping tax was not applied on Vietnamese wood products, thereby increasing competition with Chinese wood, currently have a tax rate of 25-28%.

HSG (Hoa Sen Group)

  • Guidance 2022: net profit of $65.2 – $108.7mn (down 42-65% yoy) and sales of $2bn (-4.9% yoy).
  • HSG will focus on Hoa Sen Home (HSH), a building material supermarket channel, with no capacity expansion planned for existing businesses. The key earnings driver for HSG in the next five to ten years will be HSH. HSG will IPO HSH and Hoa Sen Plastic pipe JSC when possible. (Source: HSG)

SHS (Saigon – Hanoi Securities JSC)

  • SSC approves the company to issue 325 million shares to increase capital to VND 6,500 billion (ratio 1:1) to existing shareholders at price of VND12,000 per share.

PHR (Phuoc Hoa Rubber Joint Stock Company)

  • Guidance 2022: revenue of $97.9 mn (+29.3% yoy), NPAT of $32.3 mn (+152.5% yoy), investment plan up to $9.1mn. FY22 dividend: 40% stock. (Source: PHR)

DRC (Danang Rubber Joint Stock Company)

  • DRC estimated 1Q22 revenue $50.6mn (+28% yoy) and PBT $3.1mn (-9% yoy).
  • For Q2/2022, the company targets to reach $54.6mn (+4% yoy) in revenue and PBT $3.5mn (-40% yoy). (Source: DRC)