FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 20/06 – 24/06/2022

FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 20/06 – 24/06/2022

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Economy- Society

Public debt

  • Vietnam is targeting to control public debt below 60% of GDP, government debt 50% of GDP and foreign debt 45% of GDP, and the amount of debt repayment would not exceed 25% State budget revenue by 2030.
  • GDP would expand at an average of 7% per year with GDP per capita reaching $7,500 by 2030 and a budget deficit at around 3% of GDP.

SBV will pump more foreign currencies to maintain forex market stability

  • The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) is likely to pump more foreign currencies this year to keep the forex market stable as the recent interest rate hike by the U.S. Fed is piling pressure on the domestic market. The increasing frequency in sales of foreign currencies to the market will meet the demand for foreign currencies to import essential items serving domestic production and export, thus stabilizing the market and supporting economic recovery.

Reducing environment protection tax on gasoline and petrol

  • With the aim of stabilizing domestic gasoline prices and curbing inflation, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) has proposed cutting the environmental protection tax rates on gasoline, diesel, and grease.
    • Gasoline decreased by 50% (from 2,000 VND/liter to 1,000 VND/liter)
    • Flight fuel decreased by 33.33% (from 1,500 VND/liter to the floor level of 1,000 VND/liter)
    • Diesel oil decreased by 50% (from 1,000 VND/liter to 500 VND/liter)
    • Fuel oil, grease decreased by 70% (from 1,000 VND/liter to the floor level of 300 VND/kg).
  • MoF assumes that in case the resolution is issued by the National Assembly Standing Committee in July, the above proposed tax rate will be applied from August 1 until the end of this year.

Vietnam trade balance in first half of June 2022

  • In the first half of June, total exports of $15.11 bn (+22.2% yoy) and imports of $16.53 bn (+20.2% yoy) resulted in a trade deficit of $1.42 bn.
  • Accumulated from the beginning of the year: exports of $168.28 bn (+17.2% yoy) and imports of $169.57 bn (+16.3% yoy) resulted in a trade deficit of $1.3 bn. (Source: Custom)

Company- Sector

MSCI 2022 Market Classification results: Vietnam still not in the watchlist for EM

  • On 24 June 2022, MSCI announces the results of the 2022 annual market classification review, indicating that Vietnam still not in the watchlist for upgrading from Frontier to Emerging market.
  • Nigeria has potential of being reclassified from Frontier Markets to Standalone Markets status (downgrade). This will affect the Vietnam’s weight in the MSCI Frontier Markets Index, but it is minimal.

Power sector

  • The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) released a document which requires Vietnam Electricity Nam (EVN) to review and terminate Power Purchase Agreements for power projects violating provisions of the Electricity Law, the Land Law, and other relevant regulations. The list includes all the power plants having a power purchase agreement with EVN.
  • The document mostly focuses on solar farms and rooftop solar having massive construction and operation in the last 2-3 years. Due to rushing construction and operation to meet the FIT deadline, many plants still have not received the construction permission and other required procedures

Steel sector

  • Domestic construction steel prices have been simultaneously adjusted down due to a significant decrease in input materials prices.
  • Nevertheless, China’s economic reopening in the early June along with boosting investment policies in the 2H2022 can push steel prices and that of other raw materials to recover soon globally.

Seafood sectors

  • 5M2022: Pangasius exports increased by 90% yoy to $1.2 bn, of which: US reached $310 mn (+131% yoy), China $317 mn (+124% yoy), CPTPP $146.5 mn (+64% yoy) and EU $88.6 mn (+89% yoy).
  • VASEP expects pangasius exports will hit $2.6 bn (+61.5% yoy) in 2022. (Source: VASEP)

GAS (PetroVietnam Gas JSC)

  • GAS estimated result business result: revenue of $2.37 bn (+34% yoy) and PAT of $300.85 mn (+59% yoy) thanks to the increase in prices of oil and LPG.
  • Dividend 2021: 30% cash. Ex-date: 4 Jul 2022. Payment date: 3 Oct 2022. (Source: GAS)

VND (VNDirect Securities Corp.)

  • VND estimated 1H2022 business result: PBT of $70.4 mn (+43% yoy, completed 45% target year)
  • VND has completed a capital increase in April 2022, bringing equity to over $608.7 mn. Besides, VND continues to diversify mobilized capital sources by continuing to make more foreign syndicated loans with a scale of up to $300 mn, expected to be implemented in Q3-Q4/2022.

PNJ (Phu Nhuan Jewelry JSC)

  • In May 2022, revenue of $116.13 mn (+68% yoy) and PAT of $6.13 mn (+66% yoy).
  • 5M2022, revenue of $677.52 mn (+47% yoy, 60.3% target year) and PAT of $46.35 mn (+47% yoy, 76.5% target year). (Source: PNJ)

TNG (TNG Investment and Trading JSC)

  • In May 2022, revenue of $29 mn (+41.8% yoy) and PAT of $1.35 mn (+47.7% yoy).
  • 5M2022, revenue of $107.91 mn (+42.27% yoy, 41.3% target year) and PAT of $3.78mn (+58.3% yoy, 31% target year). (Source: TNG)

HPG (Hoa Phat Group JSC)

  • HPG wants to invest in 2 projects in Phu Yen province with the total investment of about $5.2bn, including: the Bai Goc seaport project and Hoa Tam Industrial Park. The projects will be executed within 36 months since the handover of land and granting of construction license.

GMD (Gemadept Corp.)

  • GMD plans to issue 100.45 million shares to existing shareholders with ratio of 90:30, offering price: 20,000 VND/share. Expected time: 2022, after approval of the State Securities Commission of Vietnam (SSC). (Source: GMD)
  • GMD will contribute additional $34.78 mn to Nam Dinh Vu Port JSC (to increase Nam Dinh Vu phase 2 from 500,000 TEUs/year to 1 mn TEUs/year) and $43.48 mn to Gemadept Terminal Link JSC (to increase the capacity of Gemalink port phase 2 from 1.5 mn TEUs/year to 3 mn TEUs/year). The remaining $9.1 mn will be used for capital expenditure. (Source: GMD)

NVL (No Va Land Investment Group Corp.)

  • NVL approved to issue 447,696,017 bonus shares, ratio: 24.5%. Expected time: 2022, after being approved by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam (SSC). (Source: NVL)

NLG (Nam Long Investment Corp.)

  • NLG completed issuance of $21.7 mn corporate bonds. Type: non-convertible, without warrants, secured bond. Term: 7 years. Interest rates: 9.35%/year. (Source: NLG)

PDR (Phat Dat Real Estate Development JSC)

  • PDR approved the plan to buy 89% OS of Hoa Binh Real Estate to own the 197 Dien Bien Phu project (4,200 m2 in Ho Chí Minh City). Post transaction, PDR will have rights to operate the project with 28 floors and 2 basements. The project was licensed in 2017.
  • PDR has actively conducted M&A in many recent years with the aims of increasing land bank. As of March 2022, PDR is owning a landbank of 5,800 hectares. (Source: PDR)

MSN (Masan Group Corp.)

  • Dividend 2022: 8% cash.
  • Ex-date: 4 Jul 2022
  • Payment date: 13 Jul 2022. (Source: HSX)

MWG (Mobile World Investment Corp.)

  • Dragon Capital sold 1.08 million MWG shares on 17 June 2022, decreasing its ownership from 10.13% to 9.98% (73,068,941 shares). (Source: HSX)

DXG (Dat Xanh Group JSC)

  • Dragon Capital bought 1.72 million DXG shares on 21 June 2022, increasing its ownership from 20.95% to 21.24% (129,012,329 shares). (Source: HSX)
CodeInvestorBuy/SellVolume (share)Before tradingAfter tradingTrading date
HSGHoa Sen Investment Group Co., Ltd (Chairman related)Sell17,749,3013.6%0%from 23 June to 27 July 2022
HBCLe Viet Hai
Buy10,000,00015.8%19.9%from 23 June to 22 July 2022
DIGNguyen Hung Cuong
(Vice Chairman)
Buy10,000,00010.3%12.3%from 30 June to 29 July 2022
DIGMs. Le Thi Ha Thanh
(Chairman’s wife)
Buy1,000,0000.001%0.2%from 28 June to 27 July 2022
GEXIB Securities
(CEO related)
Buy15,000,0000.0%2%from 24 June to 22 July 2022
GEXMs. Nguyen Bich Ha
(Chairman’s daughter)
Buy850,0000.024%0.124%from 23 June to 22 July 2022