FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 18/07 – 22/07/2022

FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 18/07 – 22/07/2022

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Economy- Society

ADB sustains growth forecast for Viet Nam

  • The Asian Development Bank (ADB) maintains its forecast that Vietnam’s GDP in 2022 and 2023 will increase by 6.5% and 6.7% respectively. Growth will be driven by continued trade expansion, the faster-than-expected recovery of manufacturing, domestic travel, and the disbursement of public investment. Vietnam’s consumer price index is estimated to increase by 3.8% this year and 4% next year.

Company- Sector

VN30 Semi-annual review results

  • HSX announced its VN30 semi-annual review 2H2022 on 18 July; changes will take effect on 01 August. Vietnam International JSB (VIB) was added while Phu Nhuan Jewelry (PNJ) has been removed from the VN30 Index.


  • The outstanding balance of margin loans reached 6.52 bn by the end of Q2/2022, decreasing by 25% qoq. Margin balance has tended to decrease sharply, this may come from the strong volatility of the market, the impact of weak investor sentiment while securities companies are also forced to lower their proprietary trading rates, margin lending and prepare liquidity for bond redemption.

Industrial Park

  • According to Cushman & Wakefield: IP rental price in HCMC and Long An reached $270-290/m2 for the whole rental period highest ever. The provinces of Binh Duong, Ba Ria Vung Tau, and Dong Nai – also part of the Southern Key Economic Zone – recorded the highest rents over the past three months at $110, $180, and $195 per square meter, respectively.
  • Meanwhile, CBRE Vietnam said the second quarter’s industrial rents in HCMC, Long An, Binh Duong, Ba Ria Vung Tau, and Dong Nai increased by 8-13% yoy. Notably, the rents quoted by some outperforming industrial parks in the south have soared by 26% over the past 12 months. Industrial land leases in northern Vietnam are predicted to climb by 5-10% over the next three years, while those in the southern region may rise by 8-13%, according to real estate consultancy firm CBRE Vietnam.

Grab Vietnam

  • Grab Vietnam posted a loss of $13.06 mn in 2021 (after recording a $10.56 mn profit in 2020) with surging expenses on promotions and advertising amid intensifying competition that its rivals Gojek, ShopeeFood and Baemin are racing to attract customers via discounts.
  • By the end of 2021, Grab has been recording an accumulated loss of $189.57 mn.

MSN (Masan Group Corp.)

  • MSN get $600 mn offshore syndicated loans (arranged by BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse AG, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC). Of which, MSN will receive a maximum loan worth of $250 million, including an initial loan worth $205 million and an additional loan of $45 million. In addition, The Sherpa Ltd, a member of MSN will receive a loan worth of up to $350 million, including an initial loan worth $170 million along with an option to extend by $180 million.
  • MSN through its indirectly-owned unit H.C. Starck Tungsten Powders (HCS), reached agreements to invest $53 million in the UK-based, fast-charging Li-ion battery solutions company Nyobolt, owning 15% stake in Nyobolt on a fully diluted basis. It is expected that the acquisition will contribute to the MSN strategy of processing vonfram and manufacturing more value added products for exports.
  • WinCommerce (the retail arm of MSN) planned to open over 700 new WinMart+ stores and more than 20 WinMart supermarkets and hypermarkets in 2H2022. So far this year, over 300 supermarkets and WinMart and WinMart+ stores have been put into operation nationwide.

TDM (Thu Dau Mot Water JSC)

  • BoD approved to do a public auction for 10 million TDM shares, expects to be executed after SSC’s approval.
  • Starting price will not be lower than the book value at VND24,000/share and average closing price of 30 consecutive trading sessions.

VPB (Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank)

  • VPB bought 87% of OPES Insurance JSC at VND12,200 per share (equivalent to $25.4 mn in total value). Post transaction, VPB owns 98% of OPES.

MWG (Mobile World Investment Corp.)

  • MWG has shut down its AVAFashion business six months after branching out to the new sector in its search for new revenue streams. In addition, MWG also terminated its business with jewelry chain AVAJi to focus on watches. These are new chains that MWG has brought to market along with TopZone (Apple authorization stores), AVASport, AVAKids (selling kids clothes), and AVACycle (selling bicycles).
  • Bach Hoa Xanh (BHX) chain cuts stores by 168 within 02 months. As of 12 July, BHX has 1,972 stores, down 132 stores compared to the end of May and down 168 stores compared to the end of April.

NT2 (PetroVietnam Power Nhon Trach 2 JSC)

  • Q2/2022: revenue of $116.87 mn (+66.4% yoy) and PAT of $15.87 mn (+14.6x yoy). GPM increased from 4.52% to 15.25% due to: a strong volume recovery and robust competitive generation market (CGM) prices. Sales volume reached 1,181 million kwh (+23.7% yoy) and contracted volume (Qc) increased by 44% yoy.
  • 1H2022: revenue of $204.13 mn (+43.8% yoy) and PAT of $22.83 mn (+276.3% yoy). (Source: NT2)

PNJ (Phu Nhuan Jewelry JSC)

  • Q2/2022: revenue of $350.74 mn (+81.1% yoy) and PAT of $15.96 mn (+64.1% yoy). Retail sales surged by 90% yoy, gold bar sales rose by 73.6% yoy and wholesale sale grew by 55% yoy. GPM decreased from 18.8% to 18% due to changes in product mix and higher input costs.
  • 1H2022: revenue of $791.74 mn (+56.5% yoy) and PAT of $47.3 mn (+47.8% yoy). (Source: PNJ)

KDC (KIDO Group)

  • 1H2022: revenue of $276.17 mn (+29.96% yoy), of which: edible oils ($228.38 mil, +29.88% yoy), foods ($42.87 mil, +19.6% yoy). PAT of $13.27 mn (-12.28% yoy). (Source: KDC)

VHC (Vinh Hoan Corp.)

  • Q2/2022: revenue of $183.75 mn (+80.41% yoy) and PAT of $34.09 mn (+201.46% yoy).
  • 1H2022: revenue of $325.82 mn (+81.41% yoy) and PAT of $57.91 mn (+240.5% yoy). (Source: VHC)

ANV (Nam Viet Corp.)

  • Q2/2022: revenue of $56.28 mn (+20.49% yoy) and PAT of $10.46 mn (+10.1x yoy).
  • 1H2022: revenue of $109.29 mn (+41.2% yoy) and PAT of $19.45 mn (+5.1x yoy). (Source: ANV)

DRC (Danang Rubber JSC)

  • Q2/2022: revenue of $49.91 mn (-4.7% yoy), of which: domestic revenue reached $19.91 mn (-30.8% yoy) and export revenue reached $32.13 mn (+20% yoy). PAT of $3.65 mn (-21% yoy), GPM decreased from 18.8% to 17.7% due to: (1) increasing input material prices, which were not fully offset by higher selling prices, and (2) more contributions from export revenue with lower margins to total revenue.
  • 1H2022: revenue of $105.74 mn (+14.9% yoy) and PAT of $6.52 mn (-11.9% yoy). (Source: DRC)

NLG (Nam Long Investment Corp.)

  • Q2/2022: revenue of $54mn (+210% yoy) and PAT of $4.8mn (+135% yoy) recorded from 2 key projects Akari and Southgate.
  • 1H2022: revenue of $79.5mn (+187% yoy) and PAT of $4.8mn (-73%). The YoY lower PAT in 1H22 was mainly because Q1/2021 recorded a non-cash revaluation gain of $18.6mn from consolidating Izumi City. (Source: NLG)

PTB (Phu Tai JSC)

  • Q2/2022: revenue of $85.96 mn (+22% yoy), of which: Wood ($45.65 mn, +7% yoy), Stone ($23.91 mn, +48% yoy). PBT of $8.4 mn (+21% yoy).
  • PTB also recorded real estate revenue of $6.39 mn and PBT of $1.13 mn from its Phu Tai Residence condo project in Q2/2022 (Q2/2021: no real estate earnings)
  • 1H2022: revenue of $160.7 mn (+22% yoy) and PBT of $16.26 mn (+31% yoy). (Source: PTB)

BMP (Binh Minh Plastics JSC)

  • Q2/2022: revenue of $67.83 mn (+7.1% yoy) and PAT of $6.43 mn (+253.8% yoy). Sales volume reached 26,400 tons of plastic pipe (-12.7% yoy). Profit margin strong increased due to: (1) ASP increased by 22.6% & (2) lower input materials prices.
  • 1H2022: revenue of $126.65 mn (+49.3% yoy) and PAT of $11.96 mn (+57.3% yoy). (Source: BMP)

SCS (SCSC Cargo Service Corp.)

  • Q2/2022: revenue of $9.08 mn (+0.1% yoy) and PAT of $6.65 mn (+3.9% yoy). Q2/2022, total handling volume reached 55,435 tons (-10.2% yoy), of which: (1) domestic volumes reached 11,462 tons (-31.9% yoy) due to closed borders with China and (2) international volumes reached 43,973 tons (-2.1% yoy) due to the global economic slowdown, China lockdowns, the Ukraine-Russia conflict.
  • 1H2022: revenue of $19.77 mn (+12.4% yoy) and PAT of $14.8 mn (+19.7% yoy). (Source: SCS)

SSI (SSI Securities Corp.)

  • Daiwa Securities Group Inc. registered to exercise nearly 154.5 million issue rights with a ratio of 2:1, equivalent to the number of registered shares of more than 77.2 million SSI shares. Previously, Daiwa Securities Group Inc is holding nearly 154.5 million SSI shares, equivalent to 15.53% ownership rate. (Source: HSX)
Banks Result Q2/2022 (mil.$)
TickerNameQ2/2022yoy1H2022yoyCredit growthNPL
VPBVietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank181.61-17.0%666.2269.6%13.6%5.3%
TCBVietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank318.3021.7%613.3022.3%7.6%0.6%
TPBTien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank94.1336.6%164.7026.0%9.1%0.9%
VIBVietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank119.3027.8%218.3927.0%9.7%2.5%
LPBLien Viet Post Joint Stock Commercial Bank77.9693.8%156.0476.1%8.6%1.4%
Brockers Result Q2/2022 (mil.$)
TickerNamePBT Q2/2022yoyPBT 1H2022yoyMargin lendingytd 
HCMHo Chi Minh City Securities Corp.15.16-0.9%30.55-6.8%488.13-18.0% 
VCIViet Capital Securities JSC15.37-29.8%60.800.7%278.34-16.9% 
SHSSaigon – Hanoi Securities JSC-16.17n/a1.70-94.6%121.98-51.8% 
BVSBaoviet Securities Company0.85-82.2%61.80-57.0%114.93-21.7% 
FTSFPT Securities JSC4.87-57.6%15.89-15.1%202.11-25.7% 
TCBSTechcom Securities JSC36.13-17.0%62.809.0%604.35-5.3% 
VPSVPB Securities Coporation12.2341.3%25.3329.5%398.63-13.2% 
MBSMB Securities JSC6.55-8.6%17.5239.0%263.01-15.4%