FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 14/03 – 18/03/2022

FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 14/03 – 18/03/2022

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ETFs review Q1/2022

  • Vaneck Vietnam Index announced to add CEO, PVD, HUT, BCG, HDG, ORS, DXG and VIX, with no removal in this quarterly rebalancing.
  • Previously, FTSE Vietnam Index announced to add DPM, VCG and VND.
  • Both ETFs will complete their rebalancing by 18 Mar 2022.

Tourism: Vietnam officially reopened international tourism from 15 March 2022.

  • Ministries agreed that Vietnam fully reopens its air, land and sea borders from 15 March 2022. All travel restrictions imposed since the pandemic broke out in 2020 would be removed.
  • Coupled with the reopening, the Vietnamese government has just passed a resolution allowing visa-free travel for citizens of numerous countries, including: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Belarus. This decision means that tourists from these countries can stay in Viet Nam for 15 days without a visa.


  • Samsung C&T Corp, Vietnam Machinery Erection Corp. (Lilama) and PetroVietnam Power Corp. (POW) held a ceremony for signing EPC Contract for Nhon Trach 3 & Nhon Trach 4 power plants with a total value of $940 million.
  • Nhon Trach 3 & 4 power plants have a total investment of $1.4 billion with total capacity of 1,500 MW. It is the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) utilized thermal power project in Vietnam. The plants are expected to be put into commercial operation in 2024-2025, which will stably supply about 9 billion kWh per year to the national electricity system.

FPT (FPT Corp.)

  • 2022 target: revenue of $1.84 billion (+19% yoy) and PBT of $331.2 million (+20% yoy). Cash dividend at 20%.
  • FPT approved the issuance of more than 6.63 million ESOP shares at par value VND 10,000 share
  • 2021 cash dividend at 20% (first interim dividend 10%) and stock dividend at 20% ratio. Time: Q2 or Q3/2022. (Source: FPT)

FRT (FPT Digital Retail JSC)

  • 2022 target: revenue of $1.17 billion (+20% yoy) and PBT of $31.3 million (+30% yoy). Cash dividend at 10%.
  • Expand FPT Shop to 717 stores and Long Chau to 700 stores by end of 2022.
  • 2021 dividend: cash dividend at 5% and stock dividend at 50%.
  • ESOP: maximum 2% OS at VND10,000/share, locked up: 3 years. (Source: FRT)

VGC (Viglacera Corporation – JSC)

  • 2022 target: revenue of $652.17 million (+34% yoy) and PBT of $73.91 million (+10% yoy). 2022 cash dividend at 16%
  • VGC plan to invest in Phu My ultra-white floating glass factory phase 2 with a capacity of 900 tons/day.
  • 2022-2030: VGC will invest 2,000ha of industrial parks and 200ha of residential properties.

DXG (Dat Xanh Group JSC)

  • 2022 target: PAT of $60.9 million (+21% yoy), driven by Gem Sky World, Opal Skyline and St. Moritz together with recovery of brokerage services. Re-launch the Gem Riverside (3,200 condo units in 3Q22). DXG targets to increase market shares to 40% in 2022 from the current 30 – 35%.
  • Mr. Tran Viet Anh, board member registers to sell 4.5 million shares (0.76% OS) via put through from 17 Mar to 15 Apr 2022. After the transactions, he will hold 115,000 shares.
  • Dragon Capital sold 3.6 million DXG shares on 14 Mar 2022, increasing its ownership from 22.43 % to 21.83% (131,087,028 shares). (Source: DXG, HSX)

ACB (Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank)

  • 2022 targets: PBT of $652.96 million (+25% yoy), total assets of $25.57 billion (+11% yoy), customer deposits of $18.34 billion (+11% yoy), outstanding loans of $17.32 billion (+10% yoy) and bad debt under 2%.
  • 2022 stock dividend at 25%. Issuance of 675 million stock dividend in Q3/2022. (Source: ACB)

VIB (Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank)

  • VIB approved to issue 543.6 million bonus shares (35% of shares outstanding) and 10.9 million ESOP shares (0.7% OS). (Source: VIB)

MWG (Mobile World Investment Corp)

  • MWG will issue 19.22 million ESOP shares (2.7% OS ) at VND10,000 per share. Lock up: 4 years; release 25% each year.
  • Officially joined the Indonesia electronics retail market by announcing a joint-venture with Erafone, one of the largest mobile phone retailers in Indonesia. The JV is named Era Blue and its first store will be opened in mid-2022.

BSI (Bank for Invesment & Development of Vietnam Securities Company)

  • BSI has approved to issue 65.7 million shares (54.07% OS) as private placement to Hana Financial Investment at VND41,000/share. Lock up: 3 years.

CTR (Viettel Construction Joint Stock Corp.)

  • Feb-2022: revenue of $28.3 million (+20% yoy) and PBT of $1.6 milion (+29% yoy). 2M2022 revenue of $57.8 million (+24% yoy) and PBT of $3.2 million (+36% yoy). (Source: CTR)

POW (PetroVietnam Power Corp.)

  • Feb-2022: revenue reached $68 million (-25% yoy) due to the shutdown of Vung Ang 1 plant for repairs from 11 Feb to 16 Feb. 2M2022 revenue reached $161.7 million (-19% yoy).
  • POW plans to divest all 2.8 million shares in EIC (EVN International), equivalent to 7.85% of shares. (Source: POW)

PVD (PetroVietnam Drilling & Well Services Corp.)

  • On 1 Mar 2022, PVD signed its first drilling service contract in Indonesia. PVD will start to supply its service in Indonesia in the Q3/2022. Indonesia is a potential market for drilling services but it is also difficult to enter this market due to the strict protectionist policies of the Indonesian government and the requirements of local content. (Source: PVD) 

HPG (Hoa Phat Group JSC)

  • HPG will start construction of Dung Quat Complex 2 project in May 2022 and complete it within 3 years from the date of commencement. The total investment capital of the project is $3.7 billion. 
  • This project focuses on hot rolled coil (HRC) production. The designed capacity of the project is 5.6 million tons of steel/year, of which HRC is expected to be 4.6 million tons/year.
  • HPG and 8 banks signed a credit granting contract of $1.52 billion syndicated loans for Dung Quat Complex 2 project, in which: Vietcombank plays as the focal bank. Other co-financing, banks are VietinBank, BIDV, Agribank, MB, VPBank, TPBank and MSB.

CII (Ho Chi Minh City Infrastructure Investment JSC)

  • CII registered to sell 9 million treasury shares (3.77% OS) via order matching/put through from 22 Mar to 20 Apr 2022. Post transactions, it will hold 31.8 million treasury shares (13.3% OS). (Source: HSX)