FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 13/06 – 17/06/2022

FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 13/06 – 17/06/2022

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Economy- Society

Fed raises key interest rate by 0.75%

  • The US Federal Reserve has just taken the most drastic move in many years to soon control inflation when it raised the basic interest rate by 0.75%, the highest increase since 1994.

U.S. Treasury Department

  • U.S. Treasury affirmed that none of its major trading partner is a currency manipulator.
  • Vietnam and Taiwan returned to U.S. trading partner monitoring list this report term due to not meeting the thresholds.

Company- Sector

Petroleum sector:

  • From 13 Jun 2022, the price of RON95 increased by 800 VND per litre to 32,370 VND ($1.41) per litre (+2.5%), while that of E5 RON92 increased by 880 VND per litre to 31,110 VND ($1.35) per litre (+2.9%). The price of diesel oil increased by 2,630 VND per litre to 29,020 VND ($1.26) per litre (+9.9%) and that of kerosene increased by 2,490 VND per litre to 27,830 VND ($1.21) per litre (+9.8%). Only the mazut price fell to VND20,350 a liter (-2.6%).

Banking sector:

  • Up to 9 June 2022, credit grows by 8.15% ytd (+17.09% yoy). According to SBV, credit growth of 14% target at the beginning of the year is directional only. The credit growth can be ranging from 11-12% or maybe 15-16%. (Source: SBV)

Energy sector:

  • Currently, there are 8GW of solar energy roof-top and more than 8GW ground solar energy installed. In total, there has been more than 20GW solar power installed and account for the largest part in Vietnam power supply system.
  • In the Power Plan VIII proposing to the government, MoIT suggest that since 2030 ground solar energy is no longer suitable for development and FIT pricing is not appropriate while the roof-top solar energy is still encourageous for internal consumption.

VIC (Vingroup JSC)

  • In its introduction of VF 8 and VF 9 in Europe, Vinfast publish its plan to open 50 stores in Europe, including: 25 Stores in Germany, 20 Stores in France and 5 Stores in the Netherlands.

DRC (Danang Rubber JSC)

  • On 10 June 2022, DRC held the ground-breaking ceremony of expanding the radial tire factory. Accordingly, $39.83 mn will be invested to increase capacity from 600,000 tires/year to 1 million tires/year. (Source: DRC)

VHC (Vinh Hoan Corp.)

  • In May 2022, revenue of $65.6 mn (+96% yoy). 5M2022: revenue of $279.7 mn (+90% yoy), of which: pangasius products ($189 mn, +94% yoy), by-products ($39.5 mn, +44% yoy), collagen & gelatin ($15.9 mn, +36% yoy).
  • By market (5M2022): US ($148 mn, +159% yoy), EU ($33.3 mn, +27% yoy) and China ($23 mn, +15% yoy). (Source: VHC)

CTR (Viettel Construction JSC)

  • 5M2022: revenue of $179.2 mn (+17% yoy) and PBT of $8.4 mn (+24.2% yoy). Telecom operation revenue accounts for 59%, followed by construction (25%) and System Integration (10%). (Source: CTR)

TCM (Thanh Cong Textile Garment Investment Trading JSC)

  • 5M2022: revenue of $77.4 mn (+15% yoy) and PAT of $4.4 mn (+6% yoy). Net profit margin was lower than the previous period due to input materials, fuel costs and logistics costs that increased sharply in the first months of the year.
  • As of early June, TCM has received nearly enough orders for the Q3/2022 and it is receiving nearly 50% of orders for the Q4/2022. (Source: TCM)

NLG (Nam Long Investment Corp.)

  • 5M2022: revenue of $339.1 mn (33% target year). In July 2022, NLG will open for sale 800 products of Akari project phase 2 and 50-60 villas at Waterpoint project, worth $160.9 mn.
  • In addition, NLG has completed the procedures to receive $43.5 mn disbursed from IFC mobilized through corporate bonds in April. (Source: NLG)

FPT (FPT Corp.)

  • 5M2022: revenues of $705.5 mn (+22.2% yoy), of which technology reaches $398.2 mn (+23.5% yoy), followed by telecom of $253.1 mn (+15.2% yoy). (Source: FPT)

FCN (Fecon Corp.)

  • FCN approved the issuance of $6.52 mn bonds. This is a non-convertible, unwarranted, secured bond. Tenor: 18 months. Interest rate: 11%/year. (Source: HSX)

DRH (DRH Holdings JSC)

  • DRH approved its subsidiary Saigon Eastern JSC to acquire 99% of Hoa Binh Investment JSC. Accordingly, Sai Gon Eastern will own the Hoa Binh residential projects of 13.8 hectares in Dong Nai province. (Source: HSX)

PTI (Post – Telecommunication Joint – Stock Insurance Corp.)

  • IPA registered to buy 4.29 mn shares of PTI by matching and/or put through. Post transaction, IPA will become a major shareholder of PTI with 5.34% OS. Pre transaction, IPA holds no share of PTI. (Source: HNX)

EIB (Vietnam Commercial Joint Stock Export Import Bank)

  • BoD approved the plan to pay stock dividend of 20% to raise charter capital. Implementation time: Q3/2022. Post transaction, EIB charter capital will increase from $537.2 mn to $644mn. (Source: EIB)

HPG (Hoa Phat Group JSC)

  • Dragon Capital sold about 34 million shares of HPG when the market price dropped by more than 33%. At the beginning of March, the value of investment in HPG was $313.6mn (11.9% portfolio). After 3 months, the value of DC’s investment in the largest steel company in the country decreased by $155.7mn. (Source: HSX)

DPM (Petrovietnam Fertilizer & Chemicals Corp.)

  • Dragon Capital bought 1.4 million DPM shares on 8 June 2022, increasing its ownership from 4.727% to 5.085% (19,900,000 shares). (Source: HSX)