FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 12/9 – 16/9/2022

FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 12/9 – 16/9/2022

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Banking sector

  • As of 31 Aug 2022, credit growth rose by 9.95% ytd. This is a high increase compared to the same period in recent years. Credit structures are mainly focused on the production and business sector while loans to potential risk sectors are strictly controlled by the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV).

Petroleum sector

  • From 12 Sep 2022, the price of RON95 decreased by 1,020 VND per litre to 23,210 VND ($1.01) per litre (-4.2%), while that of E5 RON92 decreased by 1,120 VND per litre to 22,230 VND ($0.97) per litre (-4.8%). The price of diesel oil decreased by 1,000 VND per litre to 24,180 VND ($1.05) per litre (-4%), that of kerosene increased by 1,030 VND per litre to 24,410 VND ($1.06) per litre (-4%) and the mazut price increased by1,040 VND to 15,030 VND ($0.65) a liter (-6.5%).

Automobiles sector

  • Vietnam vehicles sales in August reached 30,846 units (+2% mom, +247% yoy). Of which, domestically assembled cars accounted for 15,499 (+3% mom) and imported cars made up 15,347 units (+1% mom). The sale of passenger car and special-purpose vehicles increased by 9% mom and 21% mom, respectively, while that of commercial vehicles saw a decrease of 20% mom.
  • 8M2022, total vehicles sales reached 262,940 (+50% yoy), of which: 206,087 passenger cars (+69% yoy), 52,956 commercial vehicles (+6% yoy) and 3,897 special-purpose vehicles (+2% yoy). (Source: VAMA)

Seafood sector

  • The US Department of Commerce (DOC) has just announced its official results from the Antidumping Duty Administrative Review on pangasius from Vietnam for the period from 1 Aug 2020 to 31 Jul 2021 (POR 18). Accordingly, there is nothing change from the last review (POR 17). VHC, Van Duc Tien Giang, ANV and NTFS will have a 0% anti-dumping tax, while Bien Dong Seafood still pays a tax of $0.19/kg. Vietnam-wide entity will be charged a tax rate at $2.39/kg.
  • 8M2022, the total seafood export value reached $7.6 bn (+36.2% yoy), of which pangasius exports reached $1.8 bn (+81% yoy). The number 1 market is China with nearly $500 mn (+2.x yoy, accounting for 29% total pangasius exports) and US market ranked second with $428 mn (+90% yoy and accounting for 25%). (Source: VASEP)

POW (PetroVietnam Power Corp.)

  • In Aug 2022, electricity sales volume reached 967.6 million kWh (+0.4% yoy). Revenue of $81.22 mn (+3% yoy).
  • 8M2022, electricity sales volume reached 9,115 million kWh (-22.7% yoy). Revenue of $806.09 mn (-7.7% yoy), completed 76.5% target year 2022.
  • Target for Sep 2022: Sales volume: 832 million kWh (+106.5% yoy and -14% mom) and revenue of $59.13 mn (+56.5% yoy and -27.2% mom). (Source: POW)

VHC (Vinh Hoan Corp.)

  • In Aug 2022, revenue of $55.2 mn (+72.6% yoy), of which: pangasius sales increased by 63.4% yoy, driven by a 42% growth in export price and 15% growth in export volume. For other products, by-products sales increased by 94.8% yoy and Collagen & gelatin sales decreased by 14.6% yoy. US revenue were the strongest in Aug, increasing by 72.2% yoy, followed by China at 19.9% yoy and Europe at 5.3% yoy.
  • 8M2022: revenue of $433.2 mn (+75.3% yoy), of which: pangasius products ($284 mn, +74.3% yoy), by-products ($70.4 mn, +54% yoy), collagen & gelatin ($25.3 mn, +32% yoy). By market: US ($203.3 mn, +109.2% yoy), EU ($55.1 mn, +25.7% yoy) and China ($45.7 mn, +26.2% yoy). (Source: VHC)

CTR (Viettel Construction JSC)

  • 8M2022: revenue of $257 mn (+21.4% yoy, completed 68.8% target year 2022) and PBT of $14.92 mn (+26.9% yoy, completed 66.3% target year 2022).
  • Revenue growth was led by strong growth from construction (+57.39% yoy, accounting for 27% revenue), Telecom infrastructure operation (+18.8% yoy, accounting for 57% revenue), telecom infrastructure leasing (+62.2% yoy, accounting for 3% revenue). Revenue from the integrated solutions segment decreased by 24.42% (accounting for 10% revenue).
  • CTR owned 3,686 towers and tenancy rate remained at 1.03 at the end of Aug 2022. (Source: CTR)

MSN (Masan Group)

  • As of 9 Sep 2022, the first 27 WIN multi-convenience stores have been launched in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. MSN expects to open 80-100 WIN stores in 2022.
  • WIN stores will include necessities (WinMart+), financial services (Techcombank), pharmaceuticals (Dr.Win), F&B chains (Phuc Long) and telecommunications services (Reddi).

VNM (Viet Nam Dairy Products)

  • VNM will begin construction of a $196 mn dairy factory in the northern province (Hung Yen province) in Dec 2022 with total capacity of 400 million litres/year. The project is divided into two phases of implementation: The first phase is expected to come into operation in Q4/2025 and phase II is scheduled for completion in 2030.


  • On 15 Sep 2022, VinFast and Ahamove Instant Services JSC officially launched AhaFast – a technology-based freight service with the first electric motorbike in Vietnam. VinFast will provide electric vehicles for Ahamove to carry out delivery service.
  • Initially, the service will be launched in Da Nang with 100 e-bikes and then expand to Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Nha Trang and other provinces.
  • Ahamove targets to have 10,000 e-bikes in operation by 2025.

HVN (Vietnam Airlines JSC)

  • On 15 Sep 2022, HVN and China Southern Airlines signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement that officially took effect from Sep 2022. Accordingly, the two airlines will seek opportunities and strengthen cooperation in all areas including trade, services, and technology, contributing to enhancing the flight experience and bringing outstanding value to passengers of both sides.
  • Founded in 1995, China Southern Airlines is the biggest carrier in China, operating the largest modern fleet of aircraft, having the widest route network, and carrying the largest number of passengers.

VJC (Vietjet Aviation JSC)

  • VJC approved to issued 5.4 million shares (6.43% OS) via private placement at price of 135,000 VND/share (15% premium to market price). Locked-up: 1 year. Expected time: 2022-2023, after the approval of the State Securities Commission (SSC). (Source: VJC)
  • Proceeds of $204.3 mn, of which: $49.4 mn will be used to buy an aircraft, $54 mn to rent and buy aircraft repair engines and $100.9 mn to supplement the working capital. (Source: VJC)

DXG (Dat Xanh Group JSC)

  • DXG approved the documents of $300 mn convertible bonds which will be issued to the international market. (Source: DXG).

VCI (Viet Capital Securities JSC)

  • HoSE approved the additional listing of 100.5 million VCI shares (30% stock dividend 2021) from 13 Sep 2022, to be traded from 20 Sep 2022. (Source: HSX)

KHG (Khai Hoan Land Group JSC)

  • KHG approved to issue 6.37 million ESOP shares (1.44% OS). Lock-up: 1-3 years. Expected time: after the approval of the State Securities Commission (SSC). (Source: KHG)

PVD (PetroVietnam Drilling & Well Services Corp.)

  • PVD approved the plan of the 2021 stock dividend payment with the rate of 10%.
  • Dragon Capital (DC) bought 3 million PVD shares from 5 Sep 2022, increasing its ownership from 4.77% to 5.33% (29,637,080 shares). (Source: HSX)

VSC (Vietnam Container Shipping Joint Stock Corporation)

  • VSC approved the private placement plan of issuing additional 40 million shares for 2 strategic investors (TTD Seaport Service & Investment JSC and Thai Bao Import Export Service & Investment JSC) at the price of 20,000VND/share. Lock-up: 3 years. Proceeds of $33.7 mn to be disbursed as follows: (1) $25.3 mn for M&A, (2) $4.2 mn capital contribution to raise ownership in subsidiaries and (3) $4.2 mn supplement working capital.
  • Interim dividend 2022: 10% cash. Ex-date: 28 Sep 2022. Payment date: 18 Oct 2022. (Source: HSX)

VGC (Viglacera Corporation – JSC)

  • Interim dividend 2022: 10% cash. Ex-date: 28 Sep 2022. Payment date: 19 Oct 2022. (Source: HSX)

SSB (Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank)

  • Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Huong (Deputy CEO) registered to sell 1.6 million SSB shares via matching and/or put through from 15 Sep to 14 Oct 2022, decreasing her ownership from 0.36% to 0.28% (5,565,629 shares). (Source: HSX)

VNE (Vietnam Electricity Construction JSC)

  • Malblue JSC (relating to VNE’s Chairman) registered to buy 1 million VNE shares via matching and/or put through from 16 Sep to 14 Oct 2022, increasing its ownership from 11.17% to 12.28% (14,948,210 shares). (Source: HSX)