FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 08/08 – 12/08/2022

FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 08/08 – 12/08/2022

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Economy- Society

World Bank: Vietnam’s economic growth forecast at 7.5% in 2022

  • World Bank has revised up Vietnam’s GDP growth forecast to 7.5% for 2022 and 6.7% for 2023 from 5.8% and 6.5% projected in June 2022, respectively. The upgrade was backed by robust recovery of the services sector. Inflation is projected to average 3.8% in 2022. (Source: WB)

Remittances to Ho Chi Minh City reach $3.16 billion in 1H2022

  • According to the State Bank of Vietnam, the total amount of remittances transferred to Ho Chi Minh City through credit institutions and economic organizations in the first 6 months of 2022 reached $3.16 bn (-13% yoy). The reason for the decrease in remittances in the past time is due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the difficult economic situation in some countries and regions around the world, thereby reducing the income of Vietnamese workers.
  • Ho Chi Minh City has been the largest center for attracting remittances in the country due to many people going abroad to settle down.

Vietnam to increase coal imports in 2025-2035 period

  • Vietnam’s coal imports are forecasted to be on the increase in order to meet domestic production demand, according to a draft strategy for developing the coal industry in Vietnam introduced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT). Accordingly, Vietnam will import about 50-83 million tonnes of coal per year during the period from 2025 to 2035, with the volume gradually falling to about 32-35 million tonnes by 2045.
  • The demand for primary energy, including coal, will continue to increase, possibly peaking in the 2030-2035 period. Vietnam’s coal demand will be around 94-97 million tonnes in 2025, and peak at 125-127 million tonnes in 2030, mainly due to the increase in demand for power generation, and the cement, metallurgy and chemical industries.

Company- Sector

Petroleum sector: Vietnam Petrol prices sees 5th straight drop

  • Retail gasoline prices fell by VND900-940 ($0.04) a liter on 11 Aug 2022, the fifth consecutive decrease since the beginning of July, equaling October 2021 levels.
  • The price of RON95 decreased by 940 VND per liter to 24,660 VND ($1.07) per liter (-3.67%), while that of E5 RON92 decreased by 900 VND per liter to 23,720 VND ($1.03) per liter (-3.66%). The price of diesel oil decreased by 1,000 VND per liter to 22,900 VND ($1.0) per liter (-4.18%) and that of kerosene decreased by 1,210 VND per liter to 23,320 VND ($1.01) per l liter (-4.93%).

Banking sector

  • According to SBV, credit growth as of Jul-26 reached 9.42% (+7bps mom). With a growth target of 14%, in the last 5 months of the year, the credit balance of the whole economy can increase by nearly 4.6% in the remaining 2022, equivalent to about $20.8 bn.
  • MBB, VCB, CTG, BID, Agribank are candidates for an increase in credit room.

Automobiles sector

  • Vietnam vehicles sales in July reached 30,254 units (+20% mom, +88% yoy), a robust recovery in the auto sector of Vietnam on the low base of 2021 due to social distancing. Of which, domestically assembled cars accounted for 13,759 (+25% mom) and imported cars made up 16,495 units (+17% mom).
  • 7M20222, total vehicles sales reached 232,094 units (+39% yoy), of which: Passenger car (+57% yoy), Commercial Vehicles (-0.5% yoy) and Special-Purpose Vehicles (+3% yoy). (Source: VAMA)

HPG (Hoa Phat Group JSC)

  • In July 2022, construction steel sales volume reached 272,000 tons (+2% yoy) and HRC reached 150,000 tons (-5% yoy). Entering July, the domestic steel market continued to struggle due to sluggish demand and coming of rainy season. However, the export of construction steel reached 147,000 tons (+81% yoy). Steel pipe and galvanized sheet reached 78,000 tons, and steel pipe alone was 60,000 tons (+36% yoy).
  • 7M2022: construction steel sales volume reached 2.7 million tons (+25% yoy) and HRC reached 1.6 million tons (+6% yoy). In addition, HPG sold 437,000 tons of steel pipes and 198,000 tons of galvanized steel, slight increase compared to the same period last year. (Source: HPG)

POW (PetroVietnam Power Corp.)  

  • In July 2022, electricity sales volume reached 979 million kWh (-26.83% yoy). Revenue of $96.09 mn (-4% yoy).
  • 7M2022, electricity sales volume reached 8,143 million kWh (-24.78% yoy). Revenue of $724.87 mn (-6% yoy), completed 69% target year 2022.
  • Target for Aug 2022: Sales volume: 966 million kWh (-1% mom) and revenue of $70.09 mn (-12% yoy, -27% mom). (Source: POW)

VHC (Vinh Hoan Corp.)

  • In July 2022, revenue of $52.09 mn (+47.72% yoy). China revenue were the strongest in July, increasing by 60% yoy, followed by US at 32% yoy and Europe at 19% yoy.
  • 7M2022: revenue of $378 mn (+75.74% yoy), of which: pangasius products ($250.1 mn, +75.88% yoy), by-products ($59 mn, +48.03% yoy), collagen & gelatin ($22.7 mn, +40.59% yoy). By market: US ($181.3 mn, +114.79% yoy), EU ($50 mn, +28.24% yoy) and China ($38.3 mn, +27.5% yoy). (Source: VHC)

CTR (Viettel Construction JSC)

  • 7M2022: revenue of $219.3 mn (+21% yoy, completed 59% target year 2022) and PBT of $12.5 mn (+22.4% yoy, completed 56% target year 2022).
  • Revenue growth was led by strong growth from construction (+50.3% yoy, accounting for 26% revenue), Telecom infrastructure operation (+23.1% yoy, accounting for 58% revenue), telecom infrastructure leasing (+58.6% yoy, accounting for 3% revenue). Revenue from the integrated solutions segment decreased by 31% to $21.5 mn (accounting for 10% revenue). (Source: CTR)

FPT (FPT Corp.)

  • 7M2022: revenue of $1.0 bn (+22.2% yoy, completed 54.7% target year 2022) and PBT of $184.4 mn (+23.7% yoy, completed 55.7% target year 2022).
  • The technology segment: revenue reached $576.5 mn (+22.1% yoy) and PBT reached $83.6 mn (+25.4% yoy).
  • The telecom segment: revenue reached $360.4 mn (+15.9% yoy) and PBT reached $73.2 mn (+21.4% yoy).
  • The education segment remained strong, with revenue growth of 65.7% yoy and PBT growth of 25.3% yoy. (Source: FPT)

GAS (PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation)

  • GAS announced to sell 183.3 million shares (~100% stake) of PV Pipe (PetroVietnam Steel Pipe JSC) via auction. Starting price: 8,197 VND/share. Total value: $65.48 mn.
  • Local and foreign investors can participate in the auction with a commitment to pay the receivables worth $17.39 mn of GAS from PV Pipe. (Source: GAS)

NVL (No Va Land Investment Group Corp.)

  • Plan to issue more than 477 million bonus shares at ratio 24.5% (owning 1000 shares will have the rights to buy 245 new shares). Expected time: in 2022 after being approved by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam (SSC). (Source: NVL)

HDB (Ho Chi Minh City Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank)

  • SBV approved the bank to pay 25% stock dividend (2021). Charter capital will increase from $882.61 mn to $1.1 bn. (Source: HDB)

HBC (Hoa Binh Construction Group JSC)

  • Dividend 2021: 7% stock + 3% cash. Ex-date: 22 Aug 2022. Payment date: 30 Sep 2022. (Source: HSX)

GEG (Gia Lai Electricity JSC)

  • GEG is about to offer more than 30.37 million shares to existing shareholders (ratio: 1000:94) at 14,000 VND/share, mobilizing up to $19.65 mn to invest in Tan Phu Dong 1 wind power plant project (Tien Giang province). (Source: GEG)

QNS (Quang Ngai Sugar JSC)

  • Nutifood bought 2 million QNS shares on 2 Aug 2022, increasing its ownership from 4.78% to 5.3% (19,072,016 shares). (Source: HSX)
Textile: Result Business Q2/2022
TickerName Q2/2022 1H2022   
MSHSong Hong Garment JSC64.6223.1%3.71-31.3%118.9727.2%7.34-21.9% 
TNGTNG Investment and Trading JSC86.1735.8%3.7842.3%140.9536.7%5.4550.8% 
TCMThanh Cong Textile Garment Investment Trading JSC45.597.2%2.37-7.4%94.3812.8%5.565.6% 
STKCentury Synthetic Fiber Corp.23.023.8%3.02-1.9%50.858.6%6.333.3% 
GMCGarmex Saigon Corp.5.44-56.7%0.53-7.7%11.49-55.6%0.18-73.4% 
GILBinh Thanh Import – Export Production & Trade JSC55.421.3%5.030.5%117.0326.8%9.6919.8%