FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 06/6 – 10/06/2022

FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 06/06 – 10/06/2022

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Economy- Society

US waives tariffs on solar panels from Vietnam

  •  US declared a two-year tariff exemption for solar panels manufactured in four Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam.

Company- Sector

Brokerage sector

  • Ministry of Finance (MOF) urged the Korean Exchange (KRX) contractors to complete the upgrade of the Vietnam stock market infrastructure as soon as possible.
  • Currently, the system is processing about 2.5 million orders per day and MOF plans to increase capacity to 5 million orders per day after the implementation of KRX system.

The number of Newly Opened Domestic Individual Accounts in May 2022

  • There were 480,000 retail accounts opened in May 2022 (+319.52% yoy and +106.41% mom). (Source: VSD)

Aviation Sector

  • According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV), Vietnam welcomed over 40.7 million air passengers in the year to early June, increased by 56.8% yoy. The figure includes 1.8 million international passengers (+904.6% yoy), and 38.9 million domestic passengers (+52.6% yoy).
  • Vietnamese air carriers accommodated 20.1 million passengers (+56.1% yoy)
  • Cargo transport was estimated to reach 765,000 tonnes (+30.6% yoy).
  • Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) estimated: in 2022, Vietnam will welcome 87.8 million passengers (+190% yoy). International tourist arrivals by air are expected to reach 5 million (+844% yoy). Domestic arrivals will reach 82.8 million (+178.4 % yoy). Also, cargo transport is forecast to hit about 1.5 million tonnes (+5% yoy).

Vietnam Rubber Export

  • Vietnam exported 110,000 tonnes of rubber worth $181 mn in May, increased by 40.4% yoy in volume and 27.9% yoy in value. In May 2022, rubber export price averaged $1,645 per tonne (-8.9% mom, -5% yoy).
  • 5 months 2022, Vietnam exported 595,000 tonnes of rubber valued at $1.04 bn, increased by 8.1% yoy and 12% yoy, respectively.
  • China was the biggest buyer of Vietnamese natural and synthetic rubber, with hikes seen in both volume and value.

HPG (Hoa Phat Group JSC)

  • In May 2022, construction steel sales volume reached 393,000 tons (+32% yoy) and HRC reached 200,000 tons (-10% yoy). The export of construction steel reached 167,000 tons (+2.x yoy).
  • 5M2022: construction steel sales volume reached 2 million tons (+26% yoy) and HRC reached 1.2 million tons (+9% yoy). (Source: HPG)

MBB (Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank)

  • MBB signed agreement on comprehensive cooperation to restructure OceanBank on 26 May.
    • Cooperation in developing core business activities, including developing the credit book, cross-selling cooperation (credit cards, deposits, FX trading, remittance and bancassurance).
    • Supporting OceanBank to increase customers and partnerships
    • Cooperation in transferring and building information technology infrastructure systems.
    • MBB and OceanBank will establish a coordinating committee that will participate in training and the direct implementation of the restructuring plan.

SSB (Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank)

  • SSB plans to issue additional 321.1 million shares, of which:
    • Stock dividend: 211.4 million shares, ratio 12.7364%.
    • Bonus shares: 109.7 million shares, ratio 6.6092%.
  • Ex-date: 16 June 2022.
  • In addition, SSB still has an ESOP issuance plan of 59.4 million shares in 2022 and private placement of 228.7 million shares to strategic shareholder/existing shareholder. SSB charter capital at the end of 2022 is expected to be $986.5mn.

SHS (Saigon – Hanoi Securities JSC)

  • SHS plans to issue additional 162.63 million shares, of which:
    • Stock dividend 2021: 211.4 million shares, ratio 18%.
    • Bonus shares: 109.7 million shares, ratio 7%.
  • Expected time: in 2022 after being approved by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam (SSC).

PAN (The Pan Group JSC)

  • PAN plans to issue 229.11 million shares, of which: 
    • Stock dividend 2021: 83.56 million shares, ratio 40%.
    • Private placement to existing shareholder 104.45 million shares, ratio 2:1, at the price of VND15,000/share.
    • Private placement of 41.1 million shares. Lock-up: 3 years to strategic investors, 1 year to financial investors.
  • Proceeds will be used to contribute $2.4mn to Long An Food Processing Export JSC (LAF) and raising ownership in other member companies from Q3/2022 to Q3/2025.

KDH (Khang Dien House Trading and Investment JSC)

  • KDH plans to issue additional 73.9 million shares, of which:
    • Stock dividend 2021: 64.29 million shares, ratio 10%.
    • ESOP: 9.6 million shares (1.5% OS). Lock-up: 1 year.
  • Expected time: Q2 -Q3/2022

PET (Petrovietnam General Services JSC Corporation)

  • PET plans to issue additional 54 million shares, of which:
    • Stock dividend 2021: 9 million shares, ratio 10%.
    • 44.9 million shares will be offered to existing shareholders at the price of 15,000 VND/share, implementation rate 50%.


  • BoD approved to issue 72 million bonus shares, ratio 80%. Expected time: Jun or Jul 2022 after being approved by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam (SSC).

DGC (Duc Giang Chemicals Group JSC)

  • DGC intend to invest in 02 projects in Dak Nong province:
    • (1) Duc Giang – Dak Nong fertilizer factory producing NPK fertilizer (capacity of 200,000 tons per year), potassium sulfate fertilizer production (capacity of 4,800 tons per year). Construction time: 12 months, total investment of $13 mn.
    • (2) Dak Nong aluminum complex: exploiting scale of 14.4 million tons of bauxite ore per year, consisting of 3 ore processing plants with capacity of 5.8 million tons of refined ores per year. Total investment of $2.5 bn.

GAS (PetroVietnam Gas JSC)

  • Dividend 2021: 30% cash. Payment date: From 1 Sep to 15 Oct 2022.

SSI (SSI Securities Corp.)

  • Dividend 2021: 10% cash. Ex-date: 22 June 2022. Payment date: 20 Jul 2022.
  • SSI approved the agenda for the subscription of shares offered to existing shareholders (SSI plans to issue 497.4 million shares to existing shareholders with a right exercise ratio of 50%, offering price: 15,000 VND/share):
    • Time of subscription rights transfer: from 1 Jul to 18 Jul 2022
    • Time of subscription and its payment: from 1 Jul to 25 Jul 2022

HDG (Ha Do Group JSC)

  • Dividend 2021: 20% stock. Expected time: Q2-Q3/2022.

CMG (CMC Corp.)

  • Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank) registered to sell all 2.91 million CMG shares (2.67% OS) from 29 June 2022 to 28 July 2022. (Source: HSX)

VHM (Vinhomes JSC)

  • GIC became a major shareholder of Vinhomes after the purchase of 612,000 shares on 1 Jun 2022, increasing its ownership from 4.99% to 5.01% (218,233,446 shares). (Source: HSX)

KBC (Kinh Bac City Development Holding Corp.)

  • Vinatex – Tan Tao Investment (relating to KBC’s Chairman) registered to buy 5 million KBC shares from 16 Jun to 15 Jul 2022, increasing its ownership from 3.65% to 4.51% (25,287,390 shares). (Source: HSX)