FIDES(VIETNAM) Market Statistics 04/04 – 08/04/2022

FIDES (VIETNAM) Market Statistics 04/04 – 08/04/2022

Market Summary
ChangeTrading VolumeTrading ValueForeign net buy/sell
(%)Average daily trading volume  (mil.shares)Average daily trading value (mil.USD)Net trading value (mil.USD)
VN30-1.18%178.3389.8 (14.95)

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Sector Performance (HOSE + HNX, %)

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Foreign Top buy/sell (HOSE + HNX, mil.USD)

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Economy- Society

Vietnam’s GDP Growth 2022 -2023

  • The Asian Development Bank (ADB) maintained its forecast for Vietnam’s GDP growth at 6.5% in 2022 and projected the economy to further expand by 6.7% in 2023, due to the high vaccination rate,trade expansion, and continued accommodative monetary and fiscal policies. 
  • The World Bank (WB) forecasted Vietnam’s GDP to grow at 5.3% in 2022 and stabilize at around 6.5% in 2023 in a scenario with eased mobility restrictions domestically and internationally.

Vietnam trade balance Q1/2022

  • Mar 2022, Vietnam recorded a trade surplus of $2.0 bn, upwardly revised from $1.4 bn surplus estimated earlier by the GSO, translating to a trade surplus of $1.5bn for Q1/2022.
  • Exports in Mar-2022 rose 17.04% yoy to $34.71 bn and Q1/2022 imports rose 13.55% to $89.1 bn.
  • Meanwhile, Mar-2022 imports rose 14.6% yoy to $32.66 bn and Q1/2022 imports rose 15.76% to $87.64 bn. (Source: Custom)

Company- Sector

The number of Newly Opened Domestic Individual Accounts in Apr 2022

  • There were 270.011 newly retail opened accounts in Mar 2022 (+138.54% yoy and +28.11% mom). (Source: VSD)

HSX Brokerage market share

  • HOSE released brokerage market share for Q1/2022 with top 5 are: VPS (17.94%), SSI (9.66%), VND (8.01%), TCBS (5.55%), and HCM (5.24%). (Source: HSX)

Tan Hoang Minh

  • The State Securities Commission (SSC) has decided to cancel nine separate bond issuances worth over $436 mn by subsidiaries of property developer Tan Hoang Minh Group due to false information submission. Previously, Viet Star Real Estate, Tan Hoang Minh’s subsidiary, forfeited its deposit and  canceled the purchase of land plot after winning Thu Thiem’s land auction worth $1.07 bn on 10 Jan 2022.

VIC (Vingroup Joint Stock Company)

  • In 2021, VIC recorded PAT loss of $108.7 mn. Consequently, VIC is also removed from the margin lending list on HSX due to negative PAT.
  • VinFast Trading & Investment Pte. Ltd (Singapore), VIC’s subsidiary, has submitted a draft preliminary listing application with the US Securities Commission (SEC) regarding the proposed public offering of common shares. The size of the issuance and the offering price of the shares are yet to be determined. The initial public offering is expected to take place after the SEC completes its review process, and subjecting to market and other conditions

BSR (Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical Company Limited)

  • Target 2022: revenue of $3.99 bn (-10% yoy) and PAT of $56.3 mn (-81% yoy).
  • Q1/2022 preliminary result: revenue of $1.54 bn (+68.6% yoy) and PAT of $88.22 mn (+8.5% yoy). (Source: BSR)

VGC (Viglacera Corporation – JSC)

  • Q1/2022 preliminary result: revenue of $143.5 mn (+40% yoy) and PBT of $37.7 mn (+149% yoy).

MSN (Masan Group Corp.)

  • Target 2022: revenue of $3.91 bn – $4.35 bn (+2% yoy to +13% yoy) and PAT of $208.7 mn – $269.57 mn (-40% yoy to -28% yoy).
  • 2022 dividend: MSN will make an advance payment, the amount and timing of which are to be determined by BOD
  • ESOP: Up to 0.5% of outstanding shares with the issuance price of VND10,000/share and a one-year lock-up.
  • Private placement: plan to issue up to 142,372,483 shares. The expected implementation time is either 2022 or before the 2023 AGM. The lock-up period is three years for strategic investors and one year for professional investors.
  • Issuance of convertible bonds in international market: up to $500mn with the tenor of 5 years. The expected date of issuance is 2022 and/or 2023. MSN also proposes additional equity issuance plan of new shares for conversion of the bonds up to 5% of the total outstanding shares of the company post conversion. (Source: MSN)

SAB (Saigon Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Corp.)

  • Target 2022: revenue of $1.52 bn (+32% yoy) and PAT of $200 mn (+17% yoy). (Source: SAB)

VNM (Viet Nam Dairy Products JSC)

  • Target 2022: revenue of $2.79 bn (+5% yoy), and PAT of $427.78 mn (-8% yoy).
  • Cash dividend 2022: 38.5%. (Source: VNM)

HPG (Hoa Phat Group JSC)

  • Q1/2022: construction steel sales volume reached 1.34 million tons (+57% yoy) and HRC reached 763,000 tons (+15% yoy). Sales volume of other products namely: steel pipe and galvanized steel sheet are: 207,000 tons (+13% yoy) and galvanized steel sheet: 105,000 tons (+43% yoy), respectively.      (Source: HPG)

NKG (Nam Kim Steel JSC)

  • NKG approved the policy of establishing a 100% stake subsidiary called Nam Kim Phu My Steel Sheet Company, with a charter capital of $21.7 mn.
  • The subsidiary will be fully responsible for building a $195.7 mn worth new factory in My Xuan B1 Industrial zone (Binh Duong province), with a total designed capacity of 1.2 million tons/year. The factory construction will kick off in Q4/2022 and its operation is expected to start by the end of -2024. (Source: NKG)

ACB (Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank)

  • 2022 target: PBT of $652.96 mn (+25% yoy). Credit growth: 10% and NPL ratio: below 2%. 2022 dividend: 15% stock and 10% cash.
  • Q1/2022 preliminary result: PBT of $182.6 mn (+35% yoy). Credit growth: 5.2% ytd. NPL ratio: 0.74%. (Source: ACB)

MBB (Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank)

  • 2022 target: PBT of $826.1 mn – $882.6 mn (+15% yoy – 23% yoy). Credit growth: 16% and NPL ratio: below 1.5%
  • Private placement of 70 million shares for Viettel (1.8% OS) and ESOP issuance of 19.24 million shares (0.5% OS)
  • Private placement of 65 million shares (1.7% OS) to professional investors, expected in 2022 or 2023
  • 2021 dividend: 20% stock
  • SCIC Investment Co., registered to buy 1 million shares of MBB from 12 Apr to 11 May 2020. (Source: HSX).

SSI (SSI Securities Corp.)

  • SSI signed an agreement for an unsecured loan worth $148 mn with a consortium of foreign financial institutions led by Union Bank of Taiwan and Taishin International Bank.
  • It is the largest unsecured foreign loan obtained by a securities company in Viet Nam with a tenor of no more than 12 months and reference interest rate being the secured overnight financing rate. The disbursed was completed at the end of last month. (Source: SSI)

HBC (Hoa Binh Construction Group JSC)

  • 2022 target: revenue of $760.9 mn (+54.1% yoy) and NPAT of $15.2 mn (+261% yoy). 2022 dividend: 5% cash or stock dividend
  • Plan to issue more than 12.55 million ESOP shares (5.1% OS), at VND10,000/share
  • Private placement: 74 million shares (30% OS) from 2022-2023. BoD will later approve issuance price. (Source: HBC)