FIDES (VIETNAM) Market Statistics 6/3 – 10/3/2023

FIDES (VIETNAM) Market Statistics 6/3 – 10/3/2023

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Economy- Society

Vietnam Customs released trade activities for Feb 2023

  • In Feb 2023, total exports of $25.88 bn (+11.3% yoy) and imports of $23.58 bn (-8.4% yoy) resulted in a trade surplus of $2.3 bn.
  • Accumulated from the beginning of the year: exports of $49.44 bn (-9% yoy) and imports of $46.62 bn (-16.2% yoy) resulted in a trade surplus of $2.82 bn. (Source: Custom)

Public Investment in 2 months 2023

  • According to The Ministry of Finance (MoF), 2M2023 public disbursement reached around $2.1 bn, equivalent to 6.5% plan and 6.97% target assigned by the Prime minister.

Company- Sectors

Fubon ETF

  • Fubon FTSE Vietnam ETF (China) has just announced to be approved by the Financial Supervisory and Regulatory Commission for the 5th time with the capital of $160 mn.
  • The additional capital raise still needs approval by the Central Bank before implementation.


  •  There were 63,731 securities retails accounts opened in Feb 2023, declining 70% yoy but increasing 78% mom thanks to seasonal effects.
(Source: VSD)

Auto sector

  • The Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA) and other associations, localities proposed to defer excise tax for automobile manufacturers and assembling enterprises in 2023 and a 50% reduction in registration fee for domestically manufactured and assembled automobiles. These policies are proposed to be promulgated in Q1 or Q2/2023. 
  • According to VAMA, 2023 auto consumption will still suffer from inflation, increasing exchange rates and interest rates, etc., prompting consumers to tighten spending on luxury products, including cars.

Aviation sector

  • The Chinese government has decided to include Vietnam in a list of countries that can receive outbound tours in the second phase, starting from 15 March 2023. This is positive news for Vietnam aviation sector.

HPG (Hoa Phat Group JSC)

  • In Feb 2023, construction steel sales volume reached 282,000 tons (-7% mom and -37% yoy) resulting from weak steel demand in both domestic and export markets. HRC volume reached 186,000 tons (+116% mom and -22% yoy). Steel pipe and steel sheet volume reached 54,000 tonnes (-31.2% yoy) and 27,000 tonnes (-1.3% yoy), respectively.
  • 2M2022: construction steel sales volume reached 586,000 tons (-29.3% yoy) and HRC reached 272,000 tons (-41.7% yoy). In addition, HPG sold 107,000 tons of steel pipes (-17.1% yoy) and 48,000 tons of steel sheet (-31.4% yoy). (Source: HPG).

VCI (Viet Capital Securities JSC)

  • 2023 target: revenue of $137 mn (+2.8% yoy) and PBT of $42.2 mn (-5.6% yoy). 2022 dividend: 12% cash (already paid 7%) and will issue 0.045% ESOP (2 million shares) at 12,000 VND/share.
  • In addition, VCI intends to change its name from Viet Capital Securities JSC to Vietcap Securities JSC. (Source: VCI)

DGC (Duc Giang Chemicals Group JSC)

  • 2023 target: revenue of $458.7 mn (-25% yoy) and PAT of $126.5 mn (-50% yoy). Dividend 2023: 30% cash (same as 2022). (Source: DGC)

STK (Century Synthetic Fiber Corp.)

  • 2023 target: revenue of $90.8 mn (+1.6% yoy) and PAT of $10.7 mn (+4.5% yoy). 2022 stock dividends of 15%, to be implemented in 2023 after SSC’s approval. (Source: STK)

ACV (Airports Corporation of VietNam)

  • ACV proposed the Ministry of Transport (MOT) to postpone the planned completion of Long Thanh Airport’s passenger terminal (P1) to 2026, instead of 2025.

VIC (Vingroup Joint Stock Company)

  • Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong (VIC’s Chairman) established a company named GSM (Green – Smart – Mobility) JSC. Charter capital: $126.85 mn (Mr. Vuong holds 95%). This company provides electric taxi and electric car/motorbike leasing services. The company is expected to come into operation next month in Hanoi and expand to nationwide this year. All vehicles supplied and used by GSM are VinFast electric cars and motorcycles, with an investment of 10,000 cars and 100,000 motorcycles. (Source: VIC)

POW (PetroVietnam Power Corp.)

  • Vung Ang II Thermal Power LLC signed an MOU with POW on the construction, operation maintenance and repair of the Vung Ang 2 Thermal Power Plant and Vung Ang 1 Thermal Power Plant. The Vung Ang 2 Thermal power plant based in Ha Tinh province with the total capacity 1,330MW, total capex of $2.2 bn in the form of BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) by Doosan. The plant uses supercritical technology, coal fuel imported from Australia and Indonesia. The project is expected to commercially operate unit 1 in Jul 2025 and unit 2 in Nov 2025. (Source: POW).

MSN (Masan Group Corp.)

  • MSN announced to complete its payment for the bond lot BondMSN012023 (matured on 9 Mar 2023) valued $127.7mn on time, showing MSN commitment to all stakeholders, easing investors’ concern on MSN liquidity lately. MSN will have $84.5mn bonds to mature on 30 Mar 2023.
  • In Feb 2023, MSN has just mobilized successfully $42.23mn corporate bonds and secured up to $650 mn Syndicated Loan. (Source: MSN).

DXG (Dat Xanh Group JSC)

  • Dat Xanh Mien Nam JSC announced the late interest payment of the bond lot MNRCH2123001.
  • This bond lot was issued on 31 Dec 2021 and will mature on 31 Dec 2023. The issuance value is $6.4 mn.

KBC (Kinh Bac City Development Holding Corp.) 

  • KBC announced to redeem early the bond lot KBCH2130002 (maturing on 3 Jun 2023) with total value of $42.2 mn on 5 Apr 2023 (2 months before the maturity date). Funding sources is KBC’s cash flow from production and business activities. (Source: KBC).

NVL (No Va Land Investment Group Corp.)

  • Ms. Cao Thi Ngoc Suong (Chairman’s wife) registered to sell 3.6 million NVL shares (0.19% OS) via order matching or put through from 9 Mar to 7 Apr 2023, decreasing her ownership from 2.79% to 2.6% (50,750,709 shares). (Source: HSX)
  • Diamond Properties (related to Chairman) sold 1million NVL shares from 15 Feb to 3 Mar 2023 via matching, decreasing its ownership from 10.415% to 10.369% (202.1 million shares). (Source: HSX)

DIG (Development Investment Construction JSC)

  • Mr Nguyen Hung Cuong (Vice Chairman) registered to buy 5 million DIG shares via order matching or put through from 15 Mar to 13 Apr 2023, increasing his ownership from 8.85% to 9.66% (58,956,984 shares). (Source: HSX)

HAX (Hang Xanh Motors Service JSC)

  • Ms. Vu Thi Hanh Chairman’s wife) registered to buy 6 million HAX shares via order matching or put through from 14 Mar to 11 Apr 2023, increasing her ownership from 8.91% to 17.25% (12,412,772 shares). (Source: HSX)

DXG (Dat Xanh Group JSC)

  • Dragon Capital sold 1.75 million DXG shares on 3 Mar 2023, decreasing their ownership from 12.044% to 11.757% (71,722,434 shares). (Source: HSX).